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Plastic Sprockets

Our plastic sprockets are built to last, performing exceptionally in tough conditions. Metal parts offer strength, but wear and temperature can wear them away, leaving corrosion and rust that will jam up your equipment, causing stoppages and potentially damaging other components. If you use sprockets from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., though, you'll never have to worry about these problems again. Our innovative plastic stands up to these conditions with durable performance that won't let you down. Eliminating the need for excessive priming, these parts save resources while helping your transmission run smoothly.

Works where metal sprockets can't

These plastic products can function in both high and low temperatures, withstanding heat up to 60 degrees Celsius and freezing conditions up to -10 degrees Celsius. We use a nylon-based plastic, which prevents the need for lubrication in some cases. Lubricants allow this part to run at up to 150 metres per minute. However, without lubrication, it can run up to 70 metres per minute. While teeth numbers and sizes vary, you can find exact specifications for our many models on our website.

Excellent transmission performance

Designed for use with double pitch chains, our sprockets are ideal for environments that are too hazardous for normal components. This makes them valuable in power transmission applications for industries such as automotive, forestry, mining and more.

Excellence guaranteed

We understand that efficiency is essential to any business. Repairs, work stoppages and new parts can take a tool on your bottom line, so we work hard to make sure our goods won't stop or stall on you. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification and bolstered by our environmentally responsible business practices. To date, our customers have saved a total of over $2,500,000 dollars after purchasing products from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd.

About us

With transmission solutions that span industries, we provide versatile products to companies across Canada.  


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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