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Plastic Chain

Plastic chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offer optimal performance in many unique situations. Plastic eliminates the chance of corrosion, ensuring that your product will continue to perform at its height for the duration of its lifespan. These products offer unmatched versatility, with each model providing smooth transfer, greater directional control, more weight tolerance and more, depending on the model. With a wide selection available, we are sure to have the chain that best suits your business needs.

Wide range of chains

We offer a diverse selection of plastic chains, each offering corrosion resistant performance without sacrificing durability or performance.

Our plastic modular chains come in both wide and fixed width varieties. The WT1500 wide model has nose bars that allow for smoother product transmission, while the WT1907-K is ideal for transporting small, plastic and rubber products. The WT1505GTO-M is a fixed width modular chain that works best on conveyors that are curved at a right angle, while the WT2505-M series allows for cohesion between conveyors of different speeds.

We also carry plastic top chains that help prevent damage on conveyed products. This line includes the TTPH series, which minimizes the space between chain links, steadying wobbly products. The TPF series can hold 1.4x more weight than the usual top chain, while the TPM series maximizes space while minimizing excessive noise.

Plastic block chains such as the RSP series carry small loads and allow for the easy transfer of pallets. Most models offer linear travel, but the RSP60-CU and RSP60-CU-2 feature curves.

Finally, our poly steel drive chains use plastic links to eliminate the need for lubrication. As a result, these products are lightweight and allow for cleaner and smoother functioning.

Applications and uses

Chains made of plastic are commonly used for the transmission and transfer of products within a given area. These methods are useful in creating assembly lines within the manufacturing, food processing and mining industries.

About us

We've provided chains, sprockets, bushings and other efficient transmission products to the Canadian industrial marketplace for over 40 years.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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