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Oil Well Drilling Chain

If you need oil well drilling chains, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. is sure to have products for your unique application. Oil work puts extreme strain on equipment, which leads to greater repair costs and expensive downtime. With chains made to remain strong and resist rust and corrosion, you can be confident that our products will stand up to whatever challenges you may face. While shock and breakage can threaten the safety of your workers, our chains are sure to provide ample protection in every instance.

Strength, shock resistance and durability

Our selection of chains offer the durability and strength necessary for oil well drilling. To help you carry the load, our heavy duty drive chains feature excellent yield and reserve strength. Our precision manufacturing techniques give them more fatigue strength, while added alloy steel increases their core durability.

Many varieties, such as our oilfield chains, are designed to accommodate large shock levels common to blast drilling. With strong pins, solid rollers and pre-stressing procedures applied, each component in these chains minimizes the shock level in your applications, helping your equipment lead a longer and more effective life.

The hazardous and exposed environments in oil drilling can also wear away your chains. Our large pitch roller chains resist pitting corrosion by eliminating connecting links, which create uniform strength across the entire unit.

Good for any application

These products feature strength, shock absorbency and corrosion resistance, making them essential to any oil well drilling application. Whether you're blasting or retrieving material from the ground, we have the product solution that's strong enough to handle your job.

Excellent savings

We're proud to offer excellent prices at affordable prices. That's why we started the Advantage, a database that allows us to track the total savings value our customers receive. Since Nov. 2014, we've helped our customers save $2,746,654.

About us

For over 40 years, we have helped the Japanese Tsubakimoto Chain Co. bring its innovative transmission products to businesses across Canada.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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