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Mining Chain

Mining chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offer a multitude of advantages that can make your assembly more effective. In industries as demanding as mining, it can be difficult to find products that last, let alone goods that are strong enough to get the job done. Our chains not only give you that strength, but they also feature components that allow them to outlast our competitors' products. Each model provides unique features that are sure to benefit your operation.

Wide selection to choose from

We have all of the chains and accessories you need to conduct transmission applications in the mining industry.

Bucket elevator chains provide unmatched lifting power. Capable of carrying both cement, aggregate and more, they keep harmful material out of their joints to maintain excellent performance. Our chains are 45 per cent stronger than other brands, and feature bushings that create a barrier against the chain's sidebar for greater protection and longevity.

Our Super Chain series protects against shock while offering the strength required for heavy drilling operations.

We also offer feeder breaker chains that crush ore into tiny pieces, allowing it to be processed. These chains include steel bushings that help resist wear and increase longevity in tough environments. Rotary breaker chains provide a similar function, mashing soft pieces to break them down while filtering out harder materials.

Our G7 roller chains can also provide durable performance in mining applications, with a specific strength for slow yet heavy loads and excellent transmission efficiency

Reclaimer chains won't allow dust to accumulate within their bushings and rollers, which allows for continued performance. Heavy duty and super series chains also provide excellent shock resistance compared to our competitors, along with greater tensile strength.


These products are designed to carry out procedures that are vital to the mining industry. Whether you need to lift material or break and filter it, our products can get the job done with unmatched efficiency and strength.

About us

With a range of chains, bushings and sprockets available, you can trust Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. to provide you with the right power transmission equipment for your desired application.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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