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Mechanical Power Transmissions

Mechanical power transmissions from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. help your assemblies run smoothly. When conveying torque or motion through an assembly, you need to be sure that nothing will affect its performance. Loose parts can cause a loss of transmission, which reduces productivity and slows down your machines. Shocks can also have devastating effects, harming your products and creating unnecessary downtime. Fortunately, we carry a range of solutions that are sure to keep your assemblies humming along.

Variety of products available

We carry a range of power transmission equipment designed to make your assemblies more efficient. These include power locks and shock relays that can help protect your equipment, keeping it up and running at the same rate for longer.

Power locks from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offer versatile connection performance in a variety of applications. With bore sizes of up to 500 mm, they are sure to fit on any machine. These systems also transmit torque and axial loads much more efficiently than key-based products, as well as a friction connection that is helpful when attaching the product to gears, sprockets and more.

We also manufacture three models of shock relays that prevent overloads from devastating your system. Featuring built-in current transformers, these devices can operate in temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The analog SS Series works best with larger motors, with a digital counterpoint, the SD Series, also available.


When used with other power transmission equipment, such as sprockets, pulleys and more, these goods can perform a myriad of transmission functions. From mining to manufacturing, forestry to food processing, these goods perform well in countless industries.

Responsible business

Tsubaki of Canada understands the value of satisfied customers. That is why we've strived to provide extra features to each of our products. As a business certified under both ISO 14001 and 9001 standards, we ensure each of our products meet global guidelines for both quality and environmental sustainability.

About us

For over 40 years, we've helped companies with their power transmission needs.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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