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Idler Sprockets

Idler sprockets from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. perform many different roles in a chain assembly, with excellent results across the board. Smooth operation is essential in any transmission and our sprockets work overtime to straighten out kinks and obstructions. If your chain is slack, our sprocket can pull it straight again while reducing backlash and whipping. With many different sizes and models to choose from, our sprockets have enough teeth to take a bite out of inefficient transmissions.

Many sprockets to choose from

We have a sprocket that will work in your system, no matter what type of chain you¿re working with. These include ball bearing idlers; idlers bushed in bronze, brass or oilite; non-metallic idlers and more. Our bronze sprockets work well alongside steel tighteners, with teeth ranging from 13 to 21. We also offer hardened tooth models that feature up to 20 teeth for greater durability in the face of wear.

Keeps your equipment running smoothly

These chains are designed to perform numerous tasks within a transmission system. Whether they¿re keeping your parts moving in the face of blockages, tightening your chain or wrapping around a chain, these idlers perform admirably in tough conditions, which makes them ideal for tough work in industries such as forestry, mining and more.

Responsible business practices

At Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we feel a responsibility to provide better business practices to our customers. This began with our ISO 9001 certification, which governs our quality control practices to ensure our products maintain a proven standard. Now, we¿re also ISO 14001 compliant, meaning that our products use less packaging materials, produce less waste and use less energy. Combined with our Advantage database, which has saved customers over $2,000,000 since November 2014, these initiatives continue our commitment to innovation.

About us

We have over 40 years¿ experience in selling power transmission equipment. With many different pulleys,  sprockets, chains or bushings to choose from, we can help you improve your conveyor assemblies.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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