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High Speed Chain

High-speed chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. carry on throughout tough applications and environments. Applications that require high speeds tend to wear out equipment, with exertion and heavy shock leading to excessive deterioration. We tweaked our chains' design process to accommodate this strain, resulting in chains that last longer and work harder than any other heavy-duty product. With less part friction and more lubrication, coating and treating, these chains are well-equipped for any obstacle they may face.


SpeedMaster chains work faster than the competition while minimizing major shock that can harm your products. Heat-treated for optimum performance, these chains go the distance in just about any environment imaginable. With Performax bushings that minimize abrasion with pins and stay lubricated longer, these chains last longer than any other while withstanding harsh conditions.

These chains allow you to perform high-speed operations, using a through-hardened pin to reduce shock. With a durable coating, these pins prevent wear caused by vibration and use. They also feature cotter pins that allow you to assemble units easily. Single and double strand models are available in a variety of sizes, with pitches ranging from 0.750 to 1.750 inches.


These chains are best used in applications where high speed and shock resistant are needed. These are prevalent in industries such as mining, oil, forestry and more.


The best business is a responsible business. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. lives up to that label, following international standards for environmental sustainability  and quality to give our customers the best value for their money. Our Advantage database has determined that this dedication has helped save our customers $2,746,654 since Nov. 2014.


With operations in Canada, the United States, Japan and beyond, our power transmission equipment has gained a global reputation for quality that carries with us to this day.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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