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Gripper Chain Conveyors

Gripper chains allow you to manage and position your products more easily and Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has some of the best in the business. Our options offer the standard functions and benefits you expect from grippers, such as better productivity and less maintenance. But our products go above and beyond your expectations by delivering added speed and longevity. No matter the industry or application, our grippers are sure to enhance your transmission experience.

Corrosion resistance and more

We've adapted our roller chains to give them enhanced side-swivel grippers. These additions use clamping mechanisms to keep products in place and allow you to position chains more accurately. They also feature durable springs that let you perform high-speed operations without compromising the life of the product.

Our chains are available in a variety of materials, with extra plating options available. Nickel-plated and stainless steel chains stand up to corrosion, even in tough environments, with the latter also standing up to intense wear and strain. Lambda chains are also nickel-plated and feature unique bushings that don't require lubrication or extensive maintenance. Finally, our special surface-treated chain (NEP) provides the corrosion protection of a standard steel chain while also offering enhanced environmental sustainability.

We can also perform cutting services and adjustments unique to your product. Extended service options include lubrication methods that are safe for food processing equipment. Coloured connecting links and spring clips are also available.

Great in many industries

With sustainable and food-friendly options available, gripper chains are ideal for applications where a firmer hold on the product is needed. Applications include various types of wrapping in industries such as food processing, medicine and electrical work.

Environmental and quality assurance

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offers plenty of added value to our customers. Products are made to live up to international environmental and quality standards, ensuring that you get the most responsible and productive goods when you buy with us.

About us

For over 40 years, we've brought innovative power transmission products to customers from across Canada.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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