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Durable, long-lasting drives from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can help power your business. Transmission products are essential for keeping many types of equipment working. A failure in these products can derail your productivity and damage your equipment, leading to costly repairs and lost revenue.

Built for exceptional performance and long lives, our versatile components can form drives to suit applications in nearly any industry. Whether you are looking for resistance to chemicals or temperatures, heavy load tolerances, tensile strength or shock reducing products, we have options that are perfect for your business.

Many different models available

We manufacture chains and drives that can form effective drive assemblies for nearly any application. With productivity and efficiency at stake, trust Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. to provide solutions that won't let you down.

Our drive chains come in 16 different models, with each delivering individual benefits to customers while still performing consistently over the course of a long life. Agricultural chains use riveted and through-hardened pins to resist shock and hold medium-sized loads for longer. We also carry six different types of anti-corrosion chains that work in strenuous conditions, as well as bull edgers perform at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy. SpeedMaster chains minimize the shock associated with high-speed applications, and Super Series chains feature up to 30 per cent more tensile strength than a regular chain. For more information on our full line of drive chains, please visit our website.

RS sprockets come in four different models, with each working with chains in drive assemblies. Standard pilot bore models require additional processing, while sprockets with fit bores are already finished and lock sprockets offer better fixture to the shaft. Each of these products are made with either carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic, with the latter two providing extra protection against corrosion and chemicals.

Uses and applications

When added to a drive assembly, these products are designed to harness motion within your equipment to transmit power. This makes them valuable in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, mining and more.

About us

When it comes to power transmission, we have established our reputation as industry experts. With over 40 years in business, trust the experience and ability we bring to our products.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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