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Drive Chain

We manufacture and sell drive chains that provide powerful performance in a range of transmission applications. Whether you're looking for shock resistance, sturdy construction, speed or any other quality, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has the chain for you. Our selection spans chains for many industries and functions, so no matter what you need done, our chains can do it for you.

Wide range of highly efficient chains

From British standard to bull edger, we carry chains for each of your unique applications. Our agricultural chains come in both single and double pitch designs. They're equipped to handle medium-sized loads and last longer in the face of tough shock thanks to their hardened pin.

Our British standard chains have wider link plates that allow it to resist fatigue, as well as shot peened bushes and solid rollers for greater strength and durability.

We also make Lambda self-lubricating chains that function in temperatures as cold as -10 degrees and as hot as 150 degrees Celsius, as well as corrosion resistant products that come in nickel plated, treated zinc, stainless steel, titanium and more.

SpeedMaster bull edgers work well in high-speed applications, with an alloy-based material and chrome-plated pins to prevent degeneration.

Meanwhile, our roller and drop lifter chains resist shock and offer greater horsepower in more constrained spaces. For more information on our selection of chains, please visit our website.

Applications and industries

Our chains work in many different industries, from agriculture to lumber, drilling to automotive. Whether you need a transmission with enough power to cut wood, function in an oil field and more, we have the solutions for your business.

About us

The Tsubakimoto Chain Co. has been providing excellent transmission-based chain solutions for over 100 years. As the Canadian wing of the company, Tsubaki offers the same quality products to the Canadian market.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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