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Cut Tooth Sprockets

Cut tooth sprockets from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can help your transmission equipment reach its full potential. In many assemblies, chains interact with sprocket teeth, which make the angle, hardness and profile of the teeth significant in the assembly's performance. Cut tooth sprockets can ensure that your assemblies run properly. With a variety of models designed to fit with nearly any assembly, Tsubaki products represent the pinnacle of sprocket technology.

Many different types of sprocket

Many of our sprocket models come with teeth cut for increased performance. Whether you're looking for small or large pitch sprockets, we have solutions that are sure to work in your unique assembly.

British standard sprockets can provide high speed and precision, while double pitch conveyor sprockets feature 30 teeth and offer different teeth angles than single pitch sprockets, allowing for operation with double pitch chains. With pitches ranging from one to two inches, these sprockets can fit in nearly any double pitch assembly.

Engineered class sprockets prevent build-up like mud or dirt from accumulating in your assemblies for greater performance over a longer period. They also feature wear indicators that show the status and degradation of your part more clearly.

We also make sprockets to your specific order, with customisable tooth profiles, heat-treating, finishes and more.

Ideal for transmissions and conveyors

These sprockets are designed to work in both power transmission and conveyor applications. As a result, they are valuable components within the manufacturing, forestry, mining and food processing industries.

Excellent savings

At Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we understand the importance of competitive pricing. With every product we sell, we seek to offer the fairest price to our customers. This endeavour led us to create the Advantage database, which measures the total value our clients save by shopping with us. By Nov. 2014, we had saved customers a total of $2,746,654.

About us

For over 40 years, we have developed innovative power transmission equipment for use in industries across Canada.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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