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Corrosion Resistant Chain

A variety of corrosion resistant chains are available from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. These drive chains will outlast the competition in even the most challenging environments. With traditional drive chains, corrosion can lead to down time and reduced profits. But our dependable corrosion resistant roller chains can help make operations more cost-effective. In addition to a wide range of drive chain and conveyor chain, we manufacture sprockets, bushings, and power transmission components. Our company is the largest global manufacturer of roller chain and our products are backed by many years of experience.

Corrosion resistant chain

Our corrosion resistant chains can provide trouble-free operation in applications involving demanding conditions including salt water, tap water, extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, acids and alkalis, and high levels of moisture.

Some of the different types of corrosion resistant chains available include:

  • Nickel plated chains that have all the parts electroplated before assembly.
  • New environmental plating chains that have a hexavalent-free coating. They offer better corrosion resistance than nickel plated chains and have the same strength as our flagship G7 roller chain.
  • Stainless steel chain in type 304 stainless steel. Also available are 316 stainless steel (NS) chains for improved corrosion resistance and low magnetic permeability, and chains that use 600 stainless steel parts for improved strength.
  • Titanium chains are available that feature half the weight of standard chains with the same strength as our 600 stainless steel chains and same corrosion resistance as our stainless steel chains.

Company expertise

Our company is known as the industry leader as our drive chains provide maximum reliability and outstanding performance. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., a division of Japan-based Tsubakimoto Chain Co., has been serving the Canadian market since 1973. For nearly 100 years, Tsubaki has been providing solutions that combine ingenuity and dependability.

Industries served

Our products are used in a variety of industries. Some of the markets we often serve include manufacturing, mining, automotive, forestry, and food. We are renowned in these diverse industries for providing products that save time and money by avoiding downtime, maintenance, and replacement.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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