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Conveyor & Elevator Chain

Elevator chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can help you hoist dense, diffuse material for less. A poor quality chain won't only affect your bottom line, it could seriously harm your employees. You can prevent this damage with our line of bucket chains. Designed to last, these powerful chains don't let material into their components, allowing them to continue to function like new throughout their life. Offering greater strength than their competitors, these cost-efficient chains feature state of the art designs that are great for a variety of applications.

Durable and strong

Worried about wear and corrosion in your change? Bucket chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. will have you breathing easy. Our Series 4000 chains are made of alloy steel and shot-peened during the production process for added strength and durability. Designed with barrier seals between the sidebars, this chain keeps harmful material out of the elevator boot section for greater longevity.

Our chains' tensile strength is about 1.45 times higher than our competitors, which helps them work in hazardous and harmful environments. Their functional design doesn't feature staggered pins, eliminating crooked hanging.

Optional advantages include matching sprockets that can be hardened for greater performance.

Lifting for many industries

Series 4000 chains are commonly used for lifting applications involving buckets of cement or aggregate. As a result, they are commonly used in industries such as mining, construction and many more.

Responsible business practices

We don't just sell quality transmission products. We also help customers achieve the best value for their purchase. Every product we sell is designed and manufactured to meet industry standards for quality and environmental sustainability. This responsibility to our customers extends to our pricing. Our new database, Advantage, shows that since Nov. 2014, we've helped save customers over $2,746,654.

About us

We represent Tsubakimoto Chain Co. in Canada, bringing over 40 years of business experience and the best power transmission products in the world to our customers.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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