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Conveyor Chain Sprockets

Our conveyor chain sprockets provide durable performance and expert design. To run smoothly, your transmission components need to stay in place and keep the chain moving. With options for double plus, outboard roller, double pitch chains and more, you are sure to find the sprocket that works in your transmission. Each prevent significant backlash and run smoothly over the course of their life, reducing repair costs and keeping productivity constant.

Wide selection

We carry sprockets for both large and small conveyor chains. The former of these products comes in over 500 models, each with hard teeth that can stand up to years of use. Expertly balanced, these sprockets work are designed for use with any of our wide selection of hubs.

Our small sprockets offer greater product choice and value. Our double pitch conveyor sprockets are designed to ensure double pitch chains continue to run smoothly in the face of age and wear. These products come in a standard series made of carbon steel with between 11 and 30 teeth. A finished bore can also be added. We also make double pitch sprockets with locks that eliminate backlash and alignment trouble.

For hazardous conditions, try our corrosion resistant double pitch conveyor sprockets. Resistant to temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius, these sprockets come in both stainless steel and nylon models. Finished bores are also available.

If you¿re using free flow chains, we have options that accommodate double plus and outboard roller chains.

Commonly used

When used with chains, these sprockets form a conveyor belt that is designed for use in power transmission applications. These tasks are commonly required in industries such as automotive, forestry, food processing and more.

About us

With over 100 years in business, the Tsubakimoto Chain Co. is one of Japan¿s most trusted and innovative manufacturers of power transmission equipment. As Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we are proud to bring these quality products to Canadian manufacturing companies.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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