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Conveyor Chain

With conveyor chains designed to suit many different purposes, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has transmission options for a wide range of businesses. Efficiency is important, no matter what industry you work in. If you can't move your product through processing quickly, you're wasting valuable time and resources. Our conveyors can help you speed up your production, with chains designed to work to your specific needs.

Many different chains available

Our conveyor chains perform come in many different options, each with unique functionality and design features. We offer three types accumulating conveyor chains that allow you to run your conveyors constantly without wearing out or marking your chains. These include cost-efficient top rollers, center rollers with uniform speed and stable conveying, and double plus free flow chains, which move objects faster without speeding up your motor.

Our agricultural steel chains are built to convey products strongly and smoothly, while British standard attachment chains can be easily disassembled while still living a long life thanks to solid parts. Can feeders and closers work in extreme conditions, preventing corrosion and breakdown.

If you're working with food, we have chains that can help you transport your goods. Our chocolate forming chains stay clean without excessive maintenance, and our ice cream hardening chains maintain their function, even in freezing temperatures. Lambda chains can help you can, bottle and bake your products without contaminating them or causing excessive downtime. Proofer chains also transport perishable goods through hot, contaminant-filled environments without  the need for excessive maintenance.

Other models include our curved attachment chains, which come in both single and double pitches; forestry chains, which have sharp tops for greater grip; form, fill and seal chains with clamping components that allow you to keep them in position; and hollow pin chains that don't require disassembly. For a full list of our conveyor chains, please visit our website.


These products are designed to convey products in a timely and efficient fashion. As a result, they are ideal for guiding goods through a production cycle, making them necessary tools within the forestry, mining and food processing industries, among many others.

About us

For over 40 years, we've served the Canadian market by supplying innovative power transmission options from the Japan-based Tsubakimoto Chain Co.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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