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Chain Sprockets

We manufacture chain sprockets that can help keep your business in motion. Big or small, drive or conveyor, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has the part for you. Our sprockets won¿t fall prey to shock or abrasion, offering long-term performance. They interact well with a variety of chains, leading to smoother operations. With a selection that can¿t be beat and knowledgeable staff that can provide valuable advice, choose us for your all of your transmission needs.

Three types of sprockets

No matter what type of sprocket you need, our wide selection ensures that we¿ll have the component that best suits your application. With sprockets for flat, single and dual hubs, our products provide top-notch performance when included in your assembly.

We manufacture three types of sprockets for drive chains. The RS series is designed to work with Tsubaki¿s RS roller chain, with four different models that offer easy installation, greater force and more, depending on the model. This product also comes in an environment resistant series, with stainless steel and plastic models for greater durability in the face of work hazards.

If you¿re working with a double pitch chain, we have three different models that are perfect for you. Our double pitch sprockets come in three models, with optional finished boards or locks available. This chain also comes in stainless steel for greater durability, with free flow chain sprockets also available.

In addition to these models, we carry larger conveyor chain sprockets that feature harder teeth for a longer lifespan. With hubs available for all makes of sprockets, we have all the parts you need for your equipment. We also offer corrosion protection and other servicing for conveyors involved in food processing.

Widely used

These sprockets are designed for use in conjunction with chain conveyors, either to drive the chain or to maintain motion. As a result, these chains are essential to conveying applications in industries such as forestry, automotive, mining and many more.

About us

With a long, proud history of manufacturing transmission products, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. been serving Canadian businesses for over 40 years.  


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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