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Chain Link Conveyor

We manufacture link conveyor chains that last longer and perform better than the competition. Chains are no different from any other part in your assembly. You need them to work smoothly with other components, and if one part fails, the entire equipment may go down with it. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can prevent that from happening with our chains. With longer performance, sturdy design and a variety of sizes to choose from, we're sure to have a chain that will serve you well for years to come.

Variety of sizes and options

Our product line includes the RFD deep link chain. Featuring wider link plates and quality rollers, these products create less friction and resistance, allowing for smoother transmission and little to no wear on your components and conveyed products.

Available with top plates, these products also come with specialty rollers that can hold more weight and eliminate the need for larger chains.

Chains come in pitches spanning from 75 to 450. Chain heights also span from 36.9¿ to 125¿.

Useful for conveying in many industries

These products are ideal for moving products on conveyor and assembly lines. This makes them ideal in a number of industries, including automotive, steel, manufacturing and more.

Extensive quality measures

At Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we believe our customers deserve the best product for their purchase. As a result, we manufacture each of our goods to include added benefit. We adhere to ISO 14001 regulations to ensure everything we manufacture lives up to adheres to industry standards for environmental sustainability. We are also ISO 9001 compliant, which helps us perform extensive quality testing and measurement.

We provide further value through our Advantage database, which measures the total amount that our customers save by purchasing with us. With over $2,746,654 saved by Tsubaki as of Nov. 2014, our policies can make a huge difference in your expenditures.

About us

We've brought dedicated craftsmanship and innovative technologies to mass transmission manufacturing since 1975. With options for a wide range of industries, we're sure to have a product that suits your needs.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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