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We manufacture bushings that keep performing over a long life span, preventing harmful wear from accumulating on your products. Shafts are in nearly constant motion, which can lead to a build-up of friction. Without proper protection or lubrication, this can corrode or damage your shaft over time, resulting in decreased performance and costly repairs. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. makes four types of bearings that reduce friction effectively, prolonging the life of your parts. These bushings attach easily to your shafts and stay there, working a variety of complex applications.

Four models available

Our bushings come in many different makes and sizes, so no matter the application, we have the part that suits your needs. These include taper lock and XT bushings. Each allow for simple installation and fastidious holding power, with the latter working best in low-speed assemblies and preventing heat distortion when welded. We carry these models in bore ranges from 1/2-1¿ up to 15/16¿-3¿. Other bushing models include QD style components, which clamp onto and detach from shafts easily. Sizes range from 5/16¿ to 8 1/2". Split taper bushings can carry greater torque and provide a tighter grip on the shaft. We also offer a range of hubs that work in conjunction with bushings to allow for optimal transference.

Useful across industries

These products are designed to work with sprockets, pulleys and more. XT bushings work specifically with conveyor pulleys, while taper lock hubs can be welded to sheaves, sprockets and more.

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has provided bushings, hubs, pulleys and more to companies in a variety of industries. With solutions for food, mining, forestry and so much more, rely on us to provide the parts you need.

Sustainable practices

We¿re committed to engaging in responsible business practices. As a result, each of our operations are compliant with ISO 14001 regulations, which ensure that our plants maintain policies for greater environmental sustainability.

About us

We¿ve maintained operations in Canada for over 40 years, providing world-class transmission, handling and automotive components to the North American market.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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