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De-Barking Chain

Our debarking chains make lumber-based work a breeze. At Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we understand forestry-based businesses need resilient and hardy chains to keep operations on track. The wrong chain reduces productivity and increases the potential for breakage, resulting in downtime and possible employee injury. We have a variety of chains designed for lumber work, ensuring that no matter what kind of debarking work you need to do, we have the product that can help you do it right.

Many varieties available

We manufacture forestry chains that are ideal for any lumber application, including debarking. Whether you need a sharp top or sticker chain, we have options that provide the durable performance necessary in forestry tasks.

Our chains feature unique designs that help prevent wear 20 per cent better than the competition. Sharp top and sticker chains ensure you won't have to worry about worn tips, while each still deliver all of the strength you need.

We also manufacture the 81X chain. Ideal for sawmills, it comes in three different models, including the Econo, the Premium and the Lambda. With each successive model, the chain's fortitude increases, with the Lambda offering unparalleled service.

Our welded chains are among our strongest, with a solid assembly and treated components for greater security and less wear, abrasion and more. Ideal in applications that cause heavy shock, this product is shot peened for maximum durability.


These chains can conduct a range of forestry applications, including debarking.

Savings, quality and sustainability

At Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., we take quality and sustainability seriously. That is why we comply with not only ISO 9001 quality standards, but ISO 14001 environmental management guidelines. This devotion to responsible business carries over into our Advantage database, which measures the exact amount of money we save companies that shop with us. Since Nov. 2014, we have saved our clients over $2,746,654. We can help your business achieve similar savings.

About us

We have brought the Tsubakimoto Chain Co.'s products to the Canadian market for over 40 years, allowing North American businesses to take advantage of world-leading chains, gears and other power transmission equipment.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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