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Since 1973, the Canadian market has trusted Tsubaki of Canada Limited, a division of Japan's Tsubakimoto Chain Co., to keep it moving smoothly. We cover the country's needs from our Mississauga, Ontario-based head office and production/distribution facility; and our warehouse facility in Edmonton, Alberta.

For nearly 100 years, Tsubaki has built a reputation for pairing ingenuity with dependability — from our rugged products to our unrivaled customer service. Whatever the application, our quality products maximize productivity and minimize downtime. It's a well-documented fact.

Durable. Reliable. Long-lasting. Tsubaki products are always your best value. Without fail. We have the right part for the job — from precision roller chains and sprockets to bushings, power locks and shock relays.

For when it really matters: Go with experience.
Go with performance. Go with Tsubaki.

Year established: 1973
Number of employees: 89

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We manufacture bushings in many different sizes


We manufacture bushings that keep performing over a long life span, preventing harmful wear from accumulating on your products. Shafts are in nearly constant motion, which can lead to a build-up of friction. Without proper protection or lubrication, this can corrode or damage your shaft over time, resulting in decreased performance and costly repairs. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. makes four types of bearings that reduce friction effectively, prolonging the life of your parts. These bushings attach easily to your shafts and stay there, working a variety of complex applications. Four models availab...

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Our RFD deep link chain creates less friction, which leads to smoother function and longer life

Chain Link Conveyor

We manufacture link conveyor chains that last longer and perform better than the competition. Chains are no different from any other part in your assembly. You need them to work smoothly with other components, and if one part fails, the entire equipment may go down with it. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can prevent that from happening with our chains. With longer performance, sturdy design and a variety of sizes to choose from, we're sure to have a chain that will serve you well for years to come. Variety of sizes and options Our product line includes the RFD deep link chain. Featuring wider link ...

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Our elevator chains are designed for both strength and longevity

Conveyor & Elevator Chain

Elevator chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can help you hoist dense, diffuse material for less. A poor quality chain won't only affect your bottom line, it could seriously harm your employees. You can prevent this damage with our line of bucket chains. Designed to last, these powerful chains don't let material into their components, allowing them to continue to function like new throughout their life. Offering greater strength than their competitors, these cost-efficient chains feature state of the art designs that are great for a variety of applications. Durable and strong Worried about w...

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Agricultural chains from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offer smooth and strong performance

Conveyor Chain

With conveyor chains designed to suit many different purposes, Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has transmission options for a wide range of businesses. Efficiency is important, no matter what industry you work in. If you can't move your product through processing quickly, you're wasting valuable time and resources. Our conveyors can help you speed up your production, with chains designed to work to your specific needs. Many different chains available Our conveyor chains perform come in many different options, each with unique functionality and design features. We offer three types accumulating conve...

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Our steel bushings are sure to keep your assemblies together

Steel Bushings

For steel bushings in any size and bore size imaginable, turn to Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. Bushings are essential for a variety of chain-based power transmission applications, and while they are small, they represent an essential part of your equipment. A bad bushing can dismantle and entire assembly, leading to costly repairs or replacements, potential damage or worker injury and lost productivity. Our range of steel products offers durability and high performance, so you never have to worry about faulty performance again. Two steel varieties available Most of our bushings come in steel and s...

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We carry threaded bushings in a variety of sizes

Threaded Bushings

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd.'s threaded bushings help your components stay in place, making for smoother operations and greater efficiency. When your business relies on equipment, you want to be sure that even the smallest parts hold up their end of production. Loose products can cause your assembly to lose transmission power, which lowers productivity and damages your equipment. Save on costly repair costs and lost revenue by using our effective bushings. Guaranteed to stay in place, these products come in a range of sizes and options to fit in perfectly with your equipment. Locked-in bushings O...

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Our blue timing belts allow you to detect wear more easily

Timing Belts

We sell timing belts that are sure to make your equipment more efficient and save you money on needless repairs. When you buy a belt, you are getting a product that needs to be cared for. Excessive use and heavy applications can result in lowered performances, decreased productivity and costly servicing. Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has belts that can ensure you won't need to spend to keep your machines functioning. Our belts are stronger and more precise, offering new innovations that allow your machines to function quietly and safely. Two types available With timing belts designed to suit speci...

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Only supplier that can manufacture both roller chain and sprockets backed up with field expertise by our sales, technical and engineering department

Tsubaki of Canada Limited

Areas of Expertise

  • Technical support is always available

  • Engineering support - reverse engineering, prototype development, 3D modeling, etc.

  • Tsubaki has nearly $3 million of documented cost savings of end user's critical applications

  • Canadian manufacturing means rapid turnaround

  • Only supplier that can manufacture both roller chain & sprockets


  • Tel. (905) 676-0400

    Mr John Davis
    National Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Sam Ueda

  • Mr Steffan Miliucci
    District Sales Manager - Northern & Eastern Ontario, Maritimes

  • Analyn Gawaran

  • Tel. (819) 386-1707

    Mr Mario Trepanier
    District Sales Manager - Northwestern & Western Quebec, Ottawa

  • Mudaseer Habib
    Systems Administrator

  • Tel. (905) 676-0400

    Jos Sueters
    Vice-President Sales/Marketing

  • Tel. (905) 464-6025

    Mr Jeff Murray
    District Sales Manager - Sourthwestern Ontario

  • Tel. (418) 997-0846

    Mr Sabastien Levigne
    District Sales Manager - Eastern Quebec, New Brunswick

  • Tel. (905) 676-0400

    Mr Mark Trower
    Inside Sales Supervisor

  • Tel. (604) 341-0283

    Mr John Sharpe
    District Sales Manager - British Columbia

  • Tel. (403) 461-6885

    Mr Sean Cuillerier
    District Sales Manager - Alberta

  • Tel. (204) 930-1428

    Mr Kevin Dawley
    District Sales Manager - Saskatchewan & Manitoba


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    Tsubaki of Canada Limited

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  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • API approved


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