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Broaching Service

We provide production broaching services including internal and surface broaching. Whether you require a large volume or a short run production, we can help. We utilize a variety of machines including horizontal, vertical, continuous, and pot broaching models. Our process offers fast, accurate, and economical results. We will accurately produce your precision parts to meet the tightest tolerances. We also offer design, building, and reconditioning services for broaching equipment. The Ohio Broach & Machine Co. serves a wide variety of markets and our products are in use around the world.

Broaching service

Hundreds of companies have increased their profits and reduced costs by utilizing us as their source for production broaching. We have experience making a wide range of precision parts and irregular shapes such as serrations, slots, keyways, medical implants, and internal gears. We can produce parts using virtually any material. Some of the materials we often work with include 4340 steel,  M-2 tool steel,  and 1018 low carbon steel.

We have the capability to cut multiple surfaces in one cycle, to create forms such as hexes and squares in one pass. This also known as "on-the-fly" broaching. 

Broaching service expertise

We have a thorough understanding of every aspect of broaching. We perform the design, manufacturing and repair of broach tools and machines.  The Ohio Broach and Machine Company was established in 1956, and we have expanded our services to meet any challenge our customers may face.

Industries we serve

We often help companies meet demand by providing additional production for peak periods. We also regularly work with customers that have no broaching equipment of their own. Our services are the perfect solution when you may not have the capital to invest in a machine. The many diverse markets and industries we serve include agriculture, aerospace, medical, oil, and automotive.


The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.
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