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Broaching is an accurate and efficient method for producing metal parts of many shapes. To achieve the best results, a high quality and properly sharpened broach is essential. Broaches are sophisticated, high precision cutting tools. They are designed with a series of cutting teeth that are uniformly spaced, and each tooth is slightly different than the previous one. That difference dictates the shape of the cut. The Ohio Broach & Machine Co. will make the ideal broach tool for you. Our constructions are made using the proper steel and designed for long tool life, speed, economy, and reliability.


In order to offer the best broach for your application, we can provide custom designed broach tools. Our designers and engineers will tailor the exact specifications to suit your needs.  That includes finding the optimal length, pitch, tooth load, as well as face and clearance angle.   In addition to broaches, we can offer broach pullers, fixtures, and holders.

We can also provide broach repair, reconditioning, and sharpening. These services will ensure your broach lasts long, performs efficiently, and produces accurate results. We offer these services 24 hours a day, to help our customers handle emergencies and avoid unnecessary downtime. A wide selection of broaching machines are also available.

Broach expertise

We have been in business for more than 50 years and we have extensive experience with every aspect of broaching.  We design, manufacture, and repair all types of broaching equipment and can even provide fully automated systems. We also understand what is required of broaching equipment, because we perform production broaching services ourselves.

Broach industries

Our customers come from a variety of diverse markets. Some of the industries we work with include agriculture, aerospace, oil, and defense. Our equipment is used to produce items and shapes ranging from cutting teeth to medical devices.


The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.
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