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Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies from the Good Rope Company Inc. are sure to provide premium service for your business. When you use cables, you need strong products that will not let you down. Every assembly we make is made with the most durable materials available, ensuring that your product continues to provide excellent performance. Each type of cable we offer provides heat-resistant performance and resists rust for longer life. With a variety of sizes and weights to choose from, you will not be left wanting by our selection.

Wide variety of stock

We make each of our assemblies using a variety of cables, ropes and fittings. Each of our cables are made of galvanized or stainless steel, with the latter offering more intensive heat protection and a minimal chance of corrosion. They both come in diameters ranging from 1.587 mm all the way up to 9.525 mm.

To supplement these cables, we can include up to two different types of fittings in our assemblies. These include oval swage sleeves, as well as stop sleeves. Both are made out of lightweight yet durable aluminum for maximum efficiency.

Finally, our wire ropes come in both galvanized and bright varieties. Diameters range from 0.265¿ all the way up to 1.444¿, with weight varying from 0.116 lb./ft all the way up to 3.5 lb./ft

Used in many industries

Regardless of what type of work you are doing, the Good Rope Company, Inc. has the assembly for you. From rigging to sporting and more, our assemblies are useful in a wide variety of applications. From marine to agriculture, mining to office work, we have solutions for nearly every industry.

High-class distributor

We represent a variety of high-quality suppliers, including Cooper Tools, the Crosby Group, Nico Press and more. With product requesting available, we can help you with whatever type of assembly you are looking for, with fair pricing and discounts available.

About us

Based in OAKVILLE, ON, we have provided versatile cable, rope and chain solutions to businesses since 1972.


The Good Rope Company Inc.
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