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For over sixty years, The DuMONT Company has manufactured precision broaches for a wide variety of industrial applications. These include keyway broaches, hexagonal broaches and square broaches. We are proud of our innovative designs and expert craftsmanship, and are determined to always increase. Our team members have an average of 21 years of experience, and from the first inquiries and the production process through to post-delivery questions, you will be in excellent hands. We forge meaningful partnerships with clients, vendors and all stakeholders, and always provide unparalleled service. We are committed to quality assurance, and our facilities have been certified to ISO 9001 since 1994.

Broach Product Line

We manufacture push-type and pull-type keyway broaches, as well as keyway broach sets. Push-type keyway broaches suit short production runs and general maintenance applications, and are available in multi-pass and one-pass models. Pull-type keyway broaches suit high volume production, and are available in threaded pull end and notched pull end models. All models are available in metric and imperial sizes. The keyway broach sets include slotted bushings and shims, as well as broaches, and come packaged in varnished wooden boxes.

Broach Industrial Applications

We serve numerous customers in the manufacturing and metalworking industries. Our broaches are used for research and development, prototype work and production.

Broach Manufacturing Process

If you require products that meet specific manufacturing needs, our engineering team can work with you to develop a custom model. Material, length, tooth form and pitch can all be specified.

Our production staff work on CNC lathes, machining centres, and slotting and shaping machines. Our tooling system allows users to cut through and blind hole keyways, keyways in a tapered bore and shaped on splined holes. These operations can be performed while the product remains in the CNC equipment, thereby increasing accuracy and saving time.


The duMONT Company LLC
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