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Broaching Tools

Since 1945, we've been a globally recognized and trusted leader in precision broach design and manufacturing. We stand for engineering detail that reflects durability and quality. The duMONT Company LLC has made an irrevocable mark of excellence in the history of the craft as evidenced by our Minute Man® Broaches which are recognized worldwide. duMONT also stands apart as the largest Push-Type Keyway Broach manufacturer and supplier in the United States. This is owing to our drive to provide top quality broaches to national and international businesses through our large logistics chain. Find the most cost-efficient and high performing broaches in our exclusive line of popular models of Keyway Sets, Individual Keyway Push Broaches, Production Style Keyway Broaches, One-Pass Keyway Broaches, International Hole Broaches, and more.

Several varieties to suit all industrial applications

Choose from dozens of features best suited to your specific application whether you require an external or internal, commonly circular or odd shape. We are fully equipped to manufacture custom designs in any production style. Keyseating, Round Push, Hexagon, Square, Pull-Type, Push-Type, Keyway, and special application broaches comprise our full line offering a wide array of options. Broaches are largely used in automotive operations, but they are also common to research and development, metalwork manufacturing, proto-type work, aerospace, medical, military, plumbing applications and industries as well.

Availability in several series with specialized features

All of our various models in each category of broach are available in uncoated or coated, imperial and metric sizes. Although each are designed for a specific application, you can find common standard benefits of expert craftsmanship and innovation for cost-efficient longevity. Metric Keyway Broach Sets offer complete sets for small keyway and bores combinations with keyway for a wide range of bushing diameters from 2mm to 18mm to 6 to 65mm sets. Our metric varieties of Pull-Type Keyway Broaches are available with a notched end pull in the 600 Series or the standard 500 Series. These pull-types are specifically suited for large run production. duMONT round and hexagon styles are offered with the unique precision benefits. A hexagon hole is created in only one pass through a round hole that was previously cast/drilled for exact finishes, sizes, and tolerances every time. Likewise, a round broach generates a precision circular hole, and both can be pitch-tooth fitted.

Expert craftsmanship and commitment to customer service

We believe in unparalleled customer services, in addition to providing excellence in custom craftsmanship with products that either meet or exceed customer expectations. duMONT is ISO certified since 1994. Our expert team of production staff has a total of more than 21 years of expertise in the profession. We take our commitments seriously to ensure that every customer receives the right broaching tool to ensure accuracy and efficiency that results and increased productivity, growth and cost-savings.


The duMONT Company LLC
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