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Broaching Machines

For more than a half-century, duMONT Company LLC remains a leader in the field of top quality broach design and manufacturing. We have a world-renowned reputation for delivering ingenuity as well as excellent customer-focused service to guarantee satisfaction with fast delivery. We pay attention to every detail to bring you the best and widest selection of Push-Type Keyway Broaches and broach machinery. duMONT Company is the largest manufacturer and supplier in the United States market. Our tooling systems comprise a wide array of machinery and services such as CNC lathes, shaping and slotting machines, mounting inserts and more.

Numerous features for demanding industrial applications

duMONT CNC Tooling Systems have your broaching machinery needs covered from keyway and slotting inserts to square adaptors, sharpening stems, and mounting screws and drivers. Our products serve critical needs of the metalwork manufacturing, plumbing, automotive, aerospace, military, research and development and more. Additionally, we also customize options of special inserts and applications for your specification.

Specialized features, styles, and sizes

Find the right insert to get your job completed with any shape or form to match the material you are using. We offer a broad selection of Special Design Inserts through the duMONT Minute Man® Tooling System of single machine processing which ensures cost and time saving efficiency and accuracy. This allows for doubling up the work that can be done in one coordinate system. Our square adapters are available in Tool Holders of 25mm or 32mm. The square shape with a locating slot on each of its four sides permits Tooling System use on slotting and shaping machines that are traditionally fashioned. Many different Tool Holders are compatible with our various types of Centering Plates. Plate length ranges from 50mm to 70mm.

Get the right solution every time you order

Whether it's finding the right broach set, tooling, or machinery, we have a working solution for you that will either meet or exceed your expectations. Contact us today to request a quote or free catalogue with complete details on all of our lines with a rich history of providing top performance to our customers for nearly 70 years. Our growth is attributed to taking care of our extensive global network of businesses that appreciate the enduring quality of our broaches and efficient machinery. We believe in continuing to learn more and advance with new technologies that will enable us to stay current and provide the best value to the marketplace.


The duMONT Company LLC
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