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Plastic Buckets

Tapco Inc. has been producing durable, high-quality buckets for more than 40 years. Customers trust our plastic elevator buckets to safely transport both agricultural and industrial materials. We have the largest inventory of buckets in North America: more than a million buckets are available in 178 sizes and 14 styles. We are happy to fill orders of any amount, and welcome rush orders. Our knowledgeable staff can explain which buckets are best for your needs, and explain how to use buckets in the safest way possible. We can also provide free samples of our products.

Plastic buckets product lines

Tapco Inc. manufactures durable and flexible buckets.  Our products resist sparks and corrosion, and come in many shapes and sizes. Our standard agricultural buckets are the CC-HD and CC-XD buckets. The two styles are interchangeable and have the same capacity. CC-XD is a heavy-duty version of CC-HD. Both are available in high-quality polyethylene. We also manufacture "low profile" versions of these buckets. These styles allow you to put more buckets on the elevator, increasing the amount of materials that can be moved. Tapco also produces EuroBuckets, designed to replace many European-style buckets, including Starco and EuroJet buckets.

We also make plastic industrial buckets. Our AA industrial plastic buckets come in 12 sizes. These are the only industrial buckets we make from plastic.

Plastic buckets applications

Tapco plastic buckets are used in both agricultural and industrial applications. Agricultural buckets are good for transporting various grains, feeds, sands, salts and chemicals. Our industrial plastic buckets are ideal for transporting woodchips, chemicals, coffee beans, sugar and salt.

Plastic buckets manufacturing process

Our buckets are made from prime virgin materials: polyethylene, nylon and urethane. We use "slow-burning" plastic. It is tested under the ASTM Test No. D635. Some of our buckets meet Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302 and Underwriters Laboratory Bulletin No. 94. We would welcome the chance to explain which buckets work best for what jobs, and relevant safety information.

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