Tapco Inc.
225 Rock Industrial Pk Dr., Bridgeton, Missouri, 63044 United States View map
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Elevator & Conveyor Buckets

Tapco Inc. is the largest bucket manufacturer in North America, and keeps 1 million buckets in stock, as well as 15 million elevator bolts. Headquartered in Bridgeton, Missouri, we are proud to work with customers in more than fifty countries around the world. Our shipping department is equipped to handle rush orders, and we can provide same-day shipping. For non-urgent orders, in-stock products ship in 1-2 days. We are happy to provide samples so you can "try it before you buy it", and fill orders of any size. Since 1974, our dedication to quality materials and quality control has allowed us to manufacture the best buckets in the market.

Elevator and Conveyor Buckets Product Line

We manufacture elevator and conveyor buckets from three materials. Polyethylene suits buckets for general service. Urethane buckets work well for pelletized feeds and other high-abrasion applications. Nylon buckets work best for rough service applications. All our buckets feature thick walls and straight sides. We manufacture buckets in many sizes. Low front buckets are designed to handle wet or finely pulverized materials. Medium front buckets can handle a wide variety of materials. High front buckets have an increased capacity, and suit products that require gentle handling. High front buckets with overlapping sides prevent leakage between buckets. Super capacity buckets are designed to handle heavy materials.

Elevator and Conveyor Buckets Industrial Applications

We serve customers working in a wide variety of industries, including the agricultural, construction, and manufacturing market sectors.

Elevator and Conveyor Buckets Manufacturing Process

Our 92,500 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is large enough to include an in-house injection-molding centre. We have ten injection molding machines ranging from a 150-ton press to a large 1,000-ton press. Because all our manufacturing is done on site, we can better control quality and minimize costs. We use the highest quality materials when manufacturing our products, including high-density linear polyethylene, impact-modified nylon, and thermoplastic urethane. We continue to research new technologies so that we can best serve all customers.

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