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Conveyor Buckets

For more than 40 years, Tapco Inc. has been producing durable, high-quality conveyor buckets that safely transport materials while saving you money. Both agricultural and industrial industries use our products. As North America's largest manufacturer of buckets, our vast inventory enables us to meet any sized order.  With approximately 1 million buckets available in more than 178 sizes and 14 styles, we welcome rush orders. Same day service is available to meet urgent needs. We welcome the chance to explain which buckets work best for specific jobs, and relevant safety information. Free product samples are available upon request.

Conveyor buckets product lines

Tapco Inc. conveyor buckets come in many varieties for agricultural and industrial applications. Our most popular agricultural buckets are the CC-HD (heavy duty) and CC-XD (xtreme-duty) buckets. The two styles are interchangeable and have the same capacity. Our CC-style buckets can be spaced closer together on a conveyor than many standard buckets. This allows you to put more buckets on a line, increasing productivity.

CC-style buckets are available in polyethylene, nylon, and urethane. Nylon buckets are best for jobs that require buckets to withstand great abuse. Urethane buckets are best for high through-put or abrasive applications. Tapco also produces EuroBuckets, designed to replace many European-style buckets, including Starco and EuroJet buckets. We also have U-HD-style buckets, designed to fit in Universal Industries brand elevators. Not all buckets are interchangeable.

Our industrial buckets are made from steel, aluminum and ductile iron with different sized fronts (low, medium, and high) to accommodate various amounts of material. Our high-front buckets can also come in an overlapping style. This prevents materials from leaking between buckets.

Conveyor buckets applications

Our agricultural buckets are best suited for grains, salts, various beans and different chemicals. Our industrial buckets easily transport various types of sand, gravel and clay.

Conveyor buckets manufacturing process

At Tapco, we engineer and injection mould our products in-house. We use "slow-burning" polyethylene. It is tested under the ASTM Test No. D635. Some of our polyethylene buckets meet Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302 and Underwriters Laboratory Bulletin No. 94. Five venting styles are available. Any hole pattern and diameter can be provided at a small cost. 

We also stock 15 million elevator bolts, along with belt splices, abrasion-resistant sheeting, drag flights, and hanger bearings.

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