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Flanged Conveyor Bearings

Tapco Inc. can supply nylon hanger bearings. These bearings feature low maintenance, less wear on coupling shafts, and less down time. Nylatron GS bearings incorporate a solid lubricant (molybdenum disulfide) added in precise amounts to the type 6/6 nylon. This results in a moly-filled nylon that offers greatly improved bearing characteristics. Tapco Inc. continuously researches new technologies so we can provide our customers with products of the highest value at the best price. We have more than 40 years of experience and are able to serve customer needs promptly with our high quality staff.

Nyatron GS bearing features

Some of the advantages of these bearings include resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion. Tapco nylon bearings also generate less heat, which means they can be used over a greater temperature range while maintaining established fits and running clearances.

Normally, these bearings should be lubricated because that will improve their Pressure and Velocity (PV) rating by as much five times. However, the solid lubricant in these bearings makes it possible to operate them successfully with no lubrication. So in the event of lubricant failures, these bearings can keep working.

Cost savings

Components that offer benefits such as superior performance, lifespan, or low maintenance typically cost more than their conventional counterparts. But that is not the case with Tapco nylon bearings.  In fact, the initial cost is often less than ordinary bearings. In addition to the initial savings, these bearings will continue to save money through reliable, efficient performance.

Bearing details

These bearings are primarily used for conveyor hanger applications with moderate loads, moderate speeds, and temperatures from -40 to 104 degrees C (-40 to 220 degrees F). Two styles are available, style A bearings for hanger frames 26B, 28B, 220, 226, and 228; and style B bearings for hanger frames 19B, 18B, 17B, 217, 218, and 219. Bearings molded from white 101 nylon are also available for applications requiring FDA approval. A wide range of drag conveyor flights are also available.

Company expertise

Tapco Inc. can provide the parts you need, as we stock North America's largest inventory of hanger bearings, drag flights, and abrasion resistant sheeting, as well as some 900,000 elevator buckets and 14 million bolts. We export to more than fifty countries and our customer base is always growing.

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