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Uniform Conveyors

We sell uniform conveyors that can handle the stressful demands of everyday business. Uniform storage can present many challenges. It requires excessive space and organizing can be difficult. Let SRS Conveyors handle these burdens with our fully automated products. They require little storage space, helping you to maximize your work environment. Employees will receive unique uniform options, with cleaning and loading that is easier than ever.

Automated service for your business

Our S-700 conveyor is fully automated, eliminating the need for an attendant and reducing labour. This state of the art option offers individualized service to each of your employees, maintaining efficiency among your employees. The conveyor is powered by an inverter-controlled drive, and is built with quality components for a long and productive life.

Employees simply punch in a code or swipe a key card to get their allotted uniform and return it in a deposit shute after their shift ends. The S-700 uses assigned slots to keep uniforms organized, as well as unique software that measures uniform cleaning and more.

Versatile and efficient

Able to dispense a wide variety of uniforms, the S-700 is designed for use in a wide variety of service related industries. Wherever employees need a uniform, this valuable machine can go. So far, it has helped optimize efficiency in the hotel, medical and prison industries, as well as many others.

Service and consulting

The staff at SRS Conveyors can help you determine the conveyor solution that is right for your unique business needs. From design to programming, we can help build a system that fits perfectly into your workplace environment.

Service and maintenance options are also available, so no matter what type of technical difficulty you are having, we can get your system back to its peak condition.

About us

We have provided countless customers with efficient conveyor systems for over 40 years. Think of us whenever you need an organizational tool for your business.


SRS Conveyors - Div. of Well Products Ltd.
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