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Overhead Conveyors

Looking for an overhead conveyor that won't slow you down? Look no further than SRS Conveyors. Our conveyors can help you organize your facility, maximizing space and productivity. Each model features chains that move products along strong and durable beams. This allows for tighter turns and more space efficiency. With automated and powered models available, our products make staying organized easier than ever before.

Powerful and organized conveyors

Our four conveyor models offer organized storage solutions as well as individual benefits.

The All-Flex track conveyors feature pendants distributed at six-inch intervals, each able to hold up to 50 lbs. As a result, a 600 ft. system can hold up to 30,000 lbs. Its chain can move easily in any direction and the assembly requires very little installation. It can also handle tight curves and turns.

We also carry the Monoveyors 8000 Series, which come in three, four and six inch models. Each have a durable enclosed tracks made of manganese steel, which come in 20' but can be cut to fit your needs.

The 8500 Series, meanwhile, can be automated to reduce labour requirements and allow for more precise handling. It can accommodate 750-lb. loads, and its powered system is designed to stop at workstations along the track.

Our stock also includes the Monoveyors 1500 and 2000 Series, which use less moving parts to simplify operation and reduce maintenance costs. As a result, you won't need to lubricate or pin components. The 1500 Series uses 1 1/2" pitch chains, while the 2000 Series uses 2¿ pitch chains.

Useful in any industry

These conveyors are used in a variety of industrial applications. Whether you are working on an assembly line, displaying stock or storing products, one of our models is sure to meet your needs. The All-Flex conveyor is great for the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, while the 1500, 2000 and 8500 Series works well in automotive, electronics and garment applications.  


SRS Conveyors - Div. of Well Products Ltd.
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