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Monorail Systems

Monorail systems from SRS Conveyors offer an efficient new way to organize and store garments. These conveyors minimize energy expenditure by relying on gravity flow, which helps you save both energy and money. Our flexible systems can fit in many types of facilities, and their curves, drops and bends offer versatility unmatched by other conveyors. They also hang overhead, giving your more room to perform operations on the ground.

Variety of features

Our TC monorails move your clothes around smoothly, allowing for maximum control and organization. They feature self-aligning trolleys that keep wheels stable and prevent them from wearing away.

Designed to be suspended from above, this system helps you maximize your space. No support columns are required, which makes these products an ideal option for nearly any high-ceilinged space. Loads can be sent onto different rails by using a switch, while curves can also be accommodated.

If you need to change the height of your loads, lift sections can use a trolley to move your products into a new position. Each monorail we make also comes with our traffic logic system, which reduces the amount of labour required of the operator. These controls allow you to increase or decrease the height of your products and makes organized storage easier than ever before.

Excellent for laundries

Ideal for industrial laundry facilities, these monorails make organization and storage easier than ever.

Excellent staff services

In addition to our wide selection, our consulting service can help you determine the conveyor that best suits your business. Our expert staff are trained in all areas of production from design all the way to shipping and delivery. As a result, we can offer unmatched customer service that fulfills all of our customers¿ needs.

In the rare event that your machine encounters mechanical problems, our service and maintenance team can get your machine back to its top form.

About us

Since 1962, SRS Conveyors has helped all manner of businesses with their storage and organizational needs.


SRS Conveyors - Div. of Well Products Ltd.
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