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Garment Conveyors

Garment conveyors from SRS Conveyors can help you store any type of clothing conveniently and safely. While a large stock quantity often means bigger business, it can create storage and organization problems within your company. Even worse, these garments can prevent you from using your space effectively. Our conveyors can reduce these headaches, maximizing your work environment while making organization easy. Whether you want to store garments on the ceiling, floor or both, we have the right assembly for your needs.

Eight models to choose from

We offer a range of systems that allow you to store and move clothes quickly and easily. No matter what kind of space or materials you are working with, we are sure to have solution that fits your needs and budget.

Our Model ST conveyors are easy to install and use. They feature slots that make retrieval quick and painless and come in many shapes and sizes and can be optimized to suit your environment.

We also carry the Model DT, which uses two tiers to maximize capacity while maintaining the same floor space as the Model ST. Both levels can be controlled at the same time, with tier heights designed to meet your unique needs.

Two of our conveyors make use of your ceiling space to maximize your potential storage. The Model FC conveyor allows you to load from the floor and store on the ceiling. Meanwhile, the Model VC features a V-shaped dip from the ceiling to loading height and back up again, which means your garments will always be at least two inches off the floor.

Other options include the Model HC, which is designed for non-hanging goods such as hats and packages, as well as the slot-less Model SC for easier manual manipulation.

Ideal for storage in any industry

These conveyors are designed primarily for storage applications. As a result, they are commonly used by dry cleaners, theatres, restaurants and more to organize customers' belongings easily.



SRS Conveyors - Div. of Well Products Ltd.
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