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Air Dryers

At SPX Flow Technology, we manufacture and distribute air dryers, gas dryers and other technologies that help increase productivity in the energy, food and industrial flow markets. We are committed to supporting the critical needs of modern societies––food, electricity, and clean water––to create a more sustainable world. Our solutions help farmers to deliver more safe food, and help power producers to expand their infrastructure to meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity. Since 1998, our strategic acquisitions have expanded our reach into 35 countries in which we employ over 14,000 people. In addition to engineering reliable products that increase our customers’ profits, we value imagination and innovation, and focus on offering creative solutions to a wide range of problems.

Air Dryer Product Line

We manufacture many models of compressed air dryers. These machines facilitate gas separation and the use of hydraulic, pneumatic and automated equipment. They can also remove moisture within a compressed air system, either through adsorption or refrigeration. The chart below compares the features of some of our compressed air dryers.



Desiccant air dryers

–As one tower with desiccant beds dries the air, a second tower is dried out; constant processing; dries compressed air to dew points below 0ºC

–Increased efficiency as dedicated axial blower regenerated off-line desiccant tower

–In some models, energy generated during compression process used to regenerate off-line tower; minimal waste; less power required; lower energy costs

–We offer heated models and ones that rely on pressure alone

Refrigerated air dryers

–Decrease concentration and dew point to 2ºC
–Modular construction; able to disconnect individual modules; multiple design variations

–Minimized consumption of electrical power (kWh)

–Back up drying protection

Air Dryer Industrial Applications

We primarily serve the food and beverage, power and energy, and industrial flow markets. However, our air dryers are also used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental and dairy industries, among others.

Air Dryer Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process differs between compressed air dryer models. Each includes numerous features designed to increase product performance and longevity, and to ensure user safety. These include AMSE-rated pressure release valves, NEMA4/4X polycarbonate enclosures for protection in corrosive environments, and 316 AISI stainless steel braised plate heat exchangers. Moreover, each model can be modified and engineered to suit your exact needs.


SPX Flow Technology Canada Inc.

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