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Marking & Engraving Machines

For more than 40 years, Sprinter Marking Inc. has provided the highest quality and low cost code machines for numerous engraving and marking applications. Our engraving machines can handle a wide variety of typical packaging design applications for imprints on various surfaces such as corrugated and regular cardboard, plastic, paper, and film. Sprinter Marking Inc. machines are capable of marking or engraving the smallest items such as promotional USB sticks, ball pens, lighters, T-shirts, to a wide variety of signage such as door plates, name plates, plaques to large advertising signs with acrylic letters, and POP displays with clear cut crystal edges. Get the best from us in precision tablet, laptop, and smartphone laser engraving.

Numerous industries and applications served daily

Expect reliable, high quality, low maintenance machines used daily in a wide number of industries. Lot/part numbering, dot/spot marking, and product/date coding comprise the most common applications for our machines as well as quality engraving. Quality engraving is an integral service in dozens of industries and applications including custom precision-machined products, domestic and commercial household items, retail products and services, electrical and electronic parts and components, automotive, construction, aerospace, plumbing utilities, lighting equipment, and more. Some of the more common products requiring expert engraving from our Sprinter models span education, healthcare, architecture and technology fields such as railways and architectural models, awards and trophies, educational classroom models and prototypes, and medical instruments and implants.

Make a lasting impression with one of our cost-efficient models

Our expertise in machinery delivers a wealth of coding and engraving benefits to save you money without compromising quality. Expect smooth, repeatable marking, millions of cycles, low pressure, compact design for space-saving utility, lightweight (often removable) marking head with a unique patented motion, optional flow controls, and excellent ink imprint. Our models typically deliver quick drying inks in various standard and specialty colours and can move in any orientation including upside down on a broad range of flat and non-flat surfaces. Speeds of our Sprinters range typically in 150 to 300 CPM dependent on the model. We believe in cost efficiency and design our machines to conserve ink for long product life with minimal maintenance with ink outputs of approximately 125,000 imprints on average.

Warrantee-backed quality and service 

You are guaranteed to make a wise investment in the purchase of any Sprinter Marketing machine backed by a one-year warrantee for defect-proof maintenance with factory authorization during the course of normal use. We are trusted the world over from independent entrepreneurial and public-use applications to those serving Fortune 500 companies daily. We will deliver your Sprinter to you within 7 to 10 business days of order and you can expect faster overnight service with additional charge for all standard machines, auxiliary equipment and operating supplies. Get in touch with one of our professional sales representatives to discuss how we can benefit your business with a long-lasting, low-maintenance Sprinter machine today for all of your marking or engraving needs.



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