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Coding & Numbering Machines

For nearly 40 years we've provided durable, low-maintenance, and cost-efficient marking solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. Sprinter Marketing Inc. offers more than a dozen industrial ink-marking machines with unique features specifically fitted for outputting codes and numbers. These models vary in style, size, and shape with weights of .11 to .62 kilograms, air pressure of 10psi to 40psi, 200 to 350 maximum speeds, and ink supply of .007 to .014 kilograms. Our top performing machines will ensure that you increase productivity at a long-term cost savings. Most of our machines are available for off-line operations, assembly lines, or mounted on existing in-line production as a complete benchtop or benchmount unit system.

Serving a variety of industrial applications

Our machines serve the primary applications of product/date coding, dot/spot marking, lot/part numbering, as well as pass/fail marketing. Sprinter models can work on a variety of surfaces such as porous paper and cardboard and non-porous plastic, flexible and rigid containers, films, metal, moving, stationary, flat, and more. Our inks will dry rapidly on non-porous surfaces after only 1 to 2 seconds. Sprinter models can orient ink to feed in a direction against gravity whether upside down or sideways, by wick-assisted airflow. Inks come in white, green, silver-grey, red, black, brown, tan, pink, orange, and many more and deliver ink output of up to 125,000 imprints per model. We believe in designing and manufacturing machines built to last so with minimal maintenance you can expect several million cycles of use.

Quality innovation for high performance and longevity

We pride ourselves for presenting the best in simplistic design and innovation that provide versatile and durable contact ink code marking machines at a low cost. Our small machines save space with a rugged durability with intermittent marking and continuous high speed imprinting capacity. To meet your specific application requirements we will also custom design a stand-alone system.

Warrantee backed by quality service

Sprinter Marketing Inc. sells all over the world, some of our clients include Fortune 500 companies who trust our machines for daily productivity to increase quality service and profits. We guarantee quality that lasts with a one-year warrantee on all units to operate defect-free. This insurance comes without charge for any additional parts or labour if any part is defective through normal use with factory authorization. Contact our manufacturing experts and professional sales representatives with more than a combined half-century of experience at Sprinter Marketing Inc. to discuss your application today.


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