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We can supply drills in wide range of varieties. We have step-drills, indexable insert drills, multi-flute drills and much more. We can offer tools for use with many different materials and both CNC or manual drilling applications. We have the widest selection of metalworking related products in Canada, so we can supply the perfect tool to fit your needs. Our vast stock also allows us to offer same-day shipping on many orders. We deal with the top manufacturers including Allied Machine and Engineering, Ingersoll Cutting Tools, and Millstar Canada. After more than 50 years in the business, we have the technical expertise to help you find the right products.


We provide indexable insert drills, replaceable point drills, and solid carbide drills, to list just a few. Our carbide drills provide heavy duty strength and reliability. Our indexable insert drills will reduce your need for sharpening. We have a variety of tools designed to offer better hole tolerances and finishing. We can provide the Revolution Drill product line from Ingersol Cutting Tools that allows you to make adjusts to the diameters up to 5.1 mm. Ingersol also provides the Gen3SYS that offers superior rates of penetration and excellent chip control. From Epic Tool Inc. we can offer multi-flute and multi-diameter drills, step-drills, G-Drills and more. Our products are designed for use with a wide range of materials including steels, cat irons, aluminum alloys and high temperature alloys.

Drill expertise

Our company was founded in 1963. One of our original founders, Art Larman, is still at the head of our company, along with his son, Paul. We have been dealing with some of the same manufacturers for decades, and those long-time partnerships make it easy to facilitate any maintenance or repairs for items we provide. We will draw on our expertise to help you in getting the products you need.

Drill Industries

Our products are used in many industries such as HVAC, automotive, aerospace, tool and die, and more. No matter what your specific operation entails, we can help you by providing the best equipment.


Rotem Industrial Products Inc
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