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Wall Plaques

For almost 50-years, Riverside Brass and Aluminum Foundry Ltd. have brought a unique level of craftsmanship and technology to wall plaques and metal casting. A respected leader and innovator among Ontario's foundries, we aim to produce only top-quality products for our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality of our bronze and aluminum wall plaques. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why the client is always included as part of the team. We will work with you to create a plaque worthy of the person or thing it represents. Whether your wall plaque is used to dedicate, commemorate, recognize or identify, we can make the perfect one for you.

Wall Plaque Design Process

All layouts are computer generated and approved by the client prior to production.

We can take your original black and white images for logos, emblems and images in the plaque, or our art and design department can help with special requirements and revisions.

Wall Plaque Styles

Plaques can some in various background colours, including:

  • Dark brown
  • Light brown
  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Maroon
  • Dark cherry

Custom colours are also available.

Text can be created in five fonts: Arial, Century Gothic, Century Schoolbook, Lucida Calligraphy and Times New Roman.

There are many plaque shapes available at no extra charge. We are also able to do custom designs, sculpted designs and textured backgrounds on request.

Wall Plaque Mounting

Different mounting methods are available to meet your specific needs.

Concealed mounting with lugs is an ideal mounting method for walls made of brick, stone or other masonry.

Concealed mounting drill and tap back of plaque is also an excellent choice for brick, stone or other masonry styled walls.

Rosettes and Toggle Bolts is a mounting style used for hollow tile, cement blocks, drywall and wood paneling. 

Rosettes, machine screws and expansion sleeves is used on brick, stone, cement, drywall and wood paneling.

Wood screws are used exclusively on small plaques for wood and plaster walls.


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