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Non-Ferrous Metal Castings

For over 40-years, Riverside Brass and Aluminum Foundry Ltd. have brought a superior level of craftsmanship and technology to non-ferrous metal casting. We are a respected leader among Ontario's foundries with the goal of producing only top quality products for our customers. We make castings using non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, bronze and brass, using both sand and centrifugal casting methods. While each method has its benefits, our metal castings will always be of the highest quality you can depend on. We include our customers as part of the team right from the beginning to ensure they get exactly the products they're looking for. We can advise you on product design and the cost saving advantages of our manufacturing process.

Whether standardized or customized, let us know about your casting needs and we will work with you. At Riverside Brass, our goal is to make a good product better for our customers.

Metal casting methods

Centrifugal casting

The process involved making standardized tube shapes which can quickly and easily be machined into more specialized products.

Our high-speed rotation centrifugal casting method allows us to create final products with a surface and inside diameter that are equally fine grained.

Sand castings

Green sand casting produces industry leading metal castings using a mold, which is typically made from sand, formed around a replica of the object. The metal is gravity poured into the mold and horizontally separated once cooled.

Pep sand casting achieves similar results using chemically bonded sand.

Using our proprietary modified Hunter 10C molding machines, we provide superior, custom sand and pep set casting services that meet high industry standards.

The metals

We only use 100% recycled non-ferrous metals in our castings.

Industry standards

All of our centrifugal casings are ISO 9001:2008-certified. Our sand castings are all ISO, IACS and SAE compliant.


All of our castings are abrasion resistant, heat treated, wear resistant and plated.


Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Ltd.

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