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We've provided high performance casting service since 1966. We believe in craftsmanship that advances with the latest technology. Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Limited ensures that you receive service that exceeds your expectations by customer-focused service. That means we will work with you from start of design to complete manufacture. Choose from aluminum, copper, zinc, non-ferrous centrifugal, and non-ferrous sand castings and more.

Find the right solution for any industrial application

Finding the right industrial casting starts with a broad quality selection from a top quality provider. Riverside Brass & Aluminum has dozens of castings to choose from with specific benefits for your application. Find valve body, bronze and aluminum, aluminum pump, zinc, electrical connector, aluminum gas tube, bronze, and sprinkler flames with a variety of beneficial features for your application. Riverside Brass & Aluminum products are game-changing in terms of design that increases productivity for all applications and industries including automotive, food equipment, road machinery, valves, heavy machinery, tools, robotics, textile equipment, plastics, military, printing equipment, materials handling, forestry, pulp and paper, energy, medical, recreational vehicles, and railroad.

Pioneering machining technology to produce top quality

Non-ferrous sand castings and non-ferrous centrifugal castings comprise much of our products and services and include many of our innovative casting methods for top performance quality and endurance. This objective is obtained through our modified Hunter 10C molding machines to deliver custom sand and pep set castings to comply with industry standards such as SAE ISO, and IACS. Benefit from the unique features of sand casting which implements synthetic or naturally bonded sand, which is a silica-based material. The advantages of using this casting are inexpensive costs of production when applied in low volume runs, large size component applications, and a compatibility with ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The second option we offer is non-ferrous (aluminum, brass, and bronze) centrifugal castings that are offered in a wide range of standard and customized sizing. These are tube-shaped components that are resist atmospheric corrosion at a high level, adapt to a wide array of ranges and thicknesses in tolerance, and highly adaptable to various tubing, piping, and sewer systems applications, among others.

First-rate quality design, manufacturing, and finishes

Riverside Brass & Aluminum is a recognized leader for abrasion and wear resistant surface finishes. Expect full additional services for your casting including top quality engineering, finishing, inspection and machining. At Riverside Brass & Aluminum foundry our goal is to provide you with the best cost-efficient product, and we will stop at nothing to that end. Contact us today to discuss how we can best serve your casting requirements.


Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Ltd.

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