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Brass & Bronze Work

We specialize in the very best of brass & bronze works for industrial and centrifugal castings, as well as a wide array of plaques, markers, monuments and other components. Riverside Brass & Bronze Foundry Limited is a leader in non-ferrous foundries for nearly a half-century. Our bronze plaques are custom designed to suite your specifications such as artwork, free standing post-mounts, colours, background, and border and letter styles. We also provide a wide range of options in bronze, brass, zinc, and aluminum castings with expert advice from start to finish.

Numerous industrial applications served

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with innovative engineering to ensure you always receive high performance at a long-term cost-savings. Whether it¿s a small or large-scale production run, we will consult with you to find the right solution. Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Limited has a wide variety of brass and bronze options with quality finishes to suit numerous industries and applications defense, retail, electrical, electronics, art, heavy equipment, transportation, marine, building, agriculture, architecture, awards, monuments, plaques, appliances, machine tools, food processing, transportation, fire suppression, and more.

Top performing innovative solutions

We are proud to provide high performance industrial and centrifugal castings. Choose from more than a dozen different bronze cast alloys among our C80000 and C9000 series that are either sand, centrifugal, and continuous castings. All of our bronze and brass castings are offered at cost-efficient prices with quick lead times. Centrifugal castings come in a wide selection of sizes, styles, and shapes to suit your application resulting in defect free, high strength and durability that guarantee long product life.

Growth backed by a commitment to quality and customer service

Expect a wealth of benefits from a proven leader in non-ferrous castings every time you order with us. We are a growth-oriented and customer-focused company with a state-of-the-art 3.9 square metre computer-controlled foundry to execute our innovative design strategies. Our team of experts consists of our customers who we always consult on each stage of the process from design and choice of alloys to manufacturing and delivery. Riverside Brass & Aluminum continues to grow with the decades by continuous learning and upgrading of our systems and practices to bring you the superior quality that you have trusted us with since 1966.




Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Ltd.

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