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Racking Services

A variety of racking services are available from Redirack Storage Systems, Canada's largest warehouse racking company. We have knowledgeable sales representatives, designers, and engineers who can assist our customers with creating ideal racking solutions. We offer services including computer aided design, on-site installation assembly, pre-start health and safety reviews, and project management. In addition to these services, we offer a comprehensive selection of high quality products. Our solutions are designed to offer our customers with racking that is safe and cost-effective.  

Racking services

When performing our design services, we use CAD software that ensures the final storage system meets all of the project requirements. We work with customers from the initial conception of a project to its implementation. Throughout the process, we can provide initial layouts, prototype testing, detailed plans, and fabrication drawings.

Our installation services are performed by a team of experienced engineers. During the on-site assembly, these experts will ensure compliance with all safety standards. Customers can rest assured the project is in the hands of professionals with a thorough understanding of the project requirements.

We can also provide project management services to handle everything from selecting the best storage system to its design and completion. Our project management team will help in creating a warehouse solution that meets the budget and storage requirements while allowing our customers to focus on other tasks.

Other services we offer include pre-start health and safety reviews, safety audit training services, and more to help our customers meet all applicable safety regulations.

Product selection

Redirack can supply a wide range of storage systems. Our products range from many different types of pallet racking and shelving to picking systems including conveyors and pick modules. We also offer a variety of safety and security products including safety bars, wire mesh decks, guard rails, and racking protection.

Company expertise

Our company has been in operation for more than 60 years. The name Redirack has been synonymous with pallet racking in Canada since our innovative racking design revolutionized the industry. Our racking has long been the industry's product of choice and our company had earned a reputation for providing expert assistance in project planning. 


Redirack Storage Systems
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