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Redirack Storage Systems can design, build, and install mezzanines to fit your facility. Our mezzanines give you the opportunity to tap into your unused overhead space, while keeping the area below uncluttered and productive. If you worry that your overhead space doesn't offer enough room, you might be mistaken; we can easily design and build around any existing columns or obstructions. We have the widest selection of pallet racking and shelving products in Canada. Along with our affiliates, we employ the most engineers, designers, and technical sales reps than any other Canadian racking company. We provide storage solutions from conception through to completion.


We can provide several types of mezzanines such as structural, multi-level pick towers, rack supported and shelving supported. Structural mezzanines are useful for open areas. They support themselves and keep the space below as unobstructed as possible.  Multi-level pick towers utilize conveyors, carton flow or other picking systems for efficiently moving your products. Rack-supported and shelving-supported incorporate your existing storage structures on lower levels into the structural design.

The stairways and openings can be situated wherever they fit best. Our mezzanines are modular in design, so they can be resized. Installation and removal are also quick and easy.  The structure can be attached to your existing building for support, but it can also be easily moved to another storage space if your needs should change. That flexibility is important because storage requirements typically grow over time. There are multiple flooring options for our mezzanines, and they can be used with wide span shelving, carton flow, or standalone shelving.

Mezzanine manufacturing process

We are a global leader in the design, manufacture and installations of innovative storage solutions. Our products meet or exceed the highest standards for performance. Through continuing research and development, our engineers have initiated higher safety standards in the storage and material handling industry.

Mezzanine expertise

Redirack has been in business for over 50 years. We will provide our ingenuity and knowledge to help design the best mezzanine for your facility. We will examine your needs and your storage space to custom build the perfect solution. We know how to stay within our clients' budgets, while adhering to local building codes to ensure complete safety.


Redirack Storage Systems
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