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Storage Platforms

We manufacture steel mezzanines that are ideal for use as storage platforms. When your facility is running out of floor space and you need a way to accommodate an increase in materials, personnel, or rate of production, our solutions allow you to tap into your unutilized air space. The structural components of our mezzanines are bolted together, which allows them to be conveniently dismantled or reconfigured to adapt to new requirements. Provincial Partitions is a one-stop provider of a comprehensive selection of modular structures.

Storage platforms

There are many benefits to choosing mezzanines from Provincial Partitions including:

  • Our professional engineers can custom design a storage platform that meets your requirements and meets any applicable building codes.
  • Our welders are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau.
  • We have an in-house paint shop, so we can provide fast turnaround times and never have to rely on outside contractors.
  • We have installation crews on staff that will set up your new platform quickly and professionally, to minimize any disruption to your operations.
  • Our quality assurance program exceeds ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our proprietary System 40TM buildings can be easily incorporated into our mezzanines, so you can easily have a new office space with a storage platform above.

Storage platforms expertise

Since 1981, we have been providing unique prefabricated modular structures that exceed the expectations of our customers. Over the years, we have expanded our focus and developed new products to offer our customers a complete single-source option for all their modular building requirements. In addition to storage platforms, we can provide a wide range of buildings, enclosures, partitions, and more.

Storage platforms industries

The many industries we have experience working with include automotive manufacturing, chemical processing, construction, communications, food and beverage, metal fabrication, logistics, and much more. So no matter what unique requirements or challenges are involved with your applications, we have the knowledge and products to provide appropriate solutions.

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