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Pre-Fabricated Offices

Prefabricated offices are available from this experienced ISO 9001 manufacturer. Provincial Partitions is a trusted source for innovative modular solutions that are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Our prefabricated office structures offer many options for different layouts, sizes, and construction materials to ensure you can get the perfect solution. The modular design of our products means they are easily adaptable to meet the ever-changing requirements of today’s business environments. Contact us today to learn more about why our products will benefit your next construction project.

Prefabricated Offices

Our System 40™ proprietary product line is ideal for office applications. Just some of its features include:

  • Plug and play design, requiring no mechanical fasteners.
  • Minimal number of unique parts.
  • All panels are interchangeable.
  • Easy to incorporate glazed partitions including laminated, clear, tinted, thermopane, and wired.
  • Cavity wall construction to make servicing of electrical and mechanical systems easy.
  • Variety of wall heights from 8 to 30 feet.
  • One and two story configurations available.

All these features mean that there are endless options for customizing our prefabricated offices to meet your needs. They can be easily reconfigured, whether you want to change the location of a single door or rearrange the entire layout. It is also fast and simple to dismantle for relocation or storage.

Prefabricated Offices manufacturing process

We can completely finish your buildings in our quality controlled facility. When your structure arrives it includes insulation, electrical packages, flooring, wall finish and more. We have expert designers and engineers that can provide totally unique solutions to meet your requirements. But even when you choose one of our standard units, we can tailor it to your specifications including size, cost, weight, and appearance.

Prefabricated Offices industries

We work with a wide variety of industries and have experience meeting their unique requirements and all applicable building codes. Just some of the industry sectors we regularly work with include manufacturing, construction, communications, power generation, government, food and beverage, and transportation. So no matter what application you have in mind, we can supply an appropriate building. Our prefabricated structures are used in office and plant environments, as well as exterior applications.

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