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Portable Buildings

The only thing that doesn't change is change itself, and at Provincial Partitions, we ensure that your business is ready for any change. We design and manufacture portable buildings, temporary wall systems and modular offices that easily adapt as your company grows or moves. Providing increased security as well as sound, temperature and access control, our portable buildings, guardhouses, mezzanines and other adaptable structures are perfect for your workspace today, tomorrow and in ten years. Based just west of Toronto in Mississauga, Ont., we work with customers across Canada and the United States. Our specialty is quick turnaround in tight deadlines as well as non-disruptive installation.

Portable Buildings Product Line

We design and manufacture several models of portable buildings.

  • School portables are available in standard and custom designs with both wood and steel frames. All are built with Densarmor Interior Wallboard, a mold-resistant material. These classrooms are configured for electricity, and can also include HVAC, cabinetry, flooring, chalkboards and more.
  • Our mobile offices and trailers are wheeled for easy transportation. Units are available in 10' or 12' widths, and in a number of lengths up to 60'.
  • Portable fiberglass buildings are corrosion- and chemical-resistant, well equipped to handle Canadian winters, and require almost no maintenance. They are available in widths between 8' and 20', and in any number of lengths. You can choose the number and placement of doors and windows, and these buildings are very easy to install and transport.

Portable Buildings Industrial Applications

We are proud to serve clients working in the retail, education, manufacturing and transportation industries, among many others.

Portable Buildings Manufacturing Process

We are committed to preserving the environment while continuing to innovate and improve the industry. We recently purchased an automated vinyl board production line from BFP Canada, largely because their gypsum product line is LEED-certified. Using steel framing products instead of wooden ones helps preserve the declining tree population, and our recycled fiberglass insulation provides a second life for many bottles and other glass products. Furthermore, modular construction is based on reusing, making it a greener alternative to traditional construction.

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