Provincial Partitions
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Provincial Partitions manufactures a wide variety of modular buildings such as guardhouses and kiosks. Our structures offer space efficiency, functionality, low maintenance and easy installation. They include windows, full electrical systems, exterior grade roof, and hinged or sliding doors. Available options include HVAC, overhangs or canopies, and work counters. Our kiosks are delivered totally finished so they can be operational on the same day. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about how our unique solutions will benefit your next building project.


We can provide custom units to meet your specific requirements. We also maintain an inventory of standard sizes that are ready for fast delivery. Whether you choose a standard or custom configuration, there are many options that enable the units to be tailored to your needs including cost, space, weight, maintenance, security and appearance. Our prefabricated buildings can reduce construction time by 40 per cent when compared to conventional options.

When you order a preassembled building from us, you can have confidence in the final product because every step of the construction is carefully quality controlled. We deliver your building pre-finished including electrical, ceiling system, insulation, interior wall finish and more.  

Kiosks expertise

We employ experienced designers and engineers to provide our custom solutions. We are an ISO 9001 manufacturer, we are a proud member of the Modular Building Institute, and our professional welders are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau. Our innovative proprietary solutions have been recognized year after year by industry association awards. In addition to kiosks, we offer a wide variety of enclosures such as smoke shelters, mobile offices, communication buildings and more.

Kiosks industries

Our kiosks are used for a variety of applications including information centers, ticket booths, tollbooths, security gates and more. They are also suitable for any other applications that require weather protection or access control. We have experience serving customers from a wide variety of industries. Visit our website to see case studies of our projects and testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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