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Guard Houses

We manufacture prefabricated guardhouses, kiosks, and a variety of other modular buildings. Our functional, space efficient guardhouses and kiosks provide exceptional value and years of trouble free operation. Guardhouses from Provincial Partitions come complete with windows, hinged or sliding doors, full electrical packages, and exterior grade roofing. Available options include HVAC, work counters, canopies or overhangs. As your company continues to grow, move, and change, our products offer the flexibility to adapt. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about how your organization will benefit from our unique solutions.


As with all our buildings, custom designs are available when needed. We also stock a variety of standard units. Regardless of whether you choose custom or standard, our guardhouses are built to meet your unique needs for space, weight, cost, security, maintenance and appearance. When you choose our solutions for your next building project, it means your business will benefit from less downtime. Our buildings arrive totally finished and are often operational the same day. Our prefabricated structures can reduce construction time by as much as 40 per cent. The modular design of our buildings offers the flexibility of expansion or reconfiguration as your needs change.

Guardhouse expertise

Over our 33 years in the modular building industry, we have expanded our focus, capabilities and product line to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We continually improve and expand our offerings so that we stay at the forefront of the industry. Other buildings and structures we offer include wire partitions, bullet resistant kiosks, and protective guardrails. Our products and services have been repeatedly recognized by industry association awards including the Modular Building Institute’s Awards of Distinction.

Guardhouse industries

Typical applications for our guardhouses include tollbooths, ticket booths, security gates, and information centers. They are suitable for any other application that requires access control and weather protection.

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