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Fork Liftable Offices

Provincial Partitions manufactures forkliftable offices and a wide range of other modular buildings. We can provide both interior and exterior modular offices in a variety of construction formats. The options range from steel or wood framed to our patented System 40™ plug and play units that require no mechanical fasteners. Often, your new building can be installed and operational the same day. We can deliver structures that are entirely pre-finished including full electrical, insulation, ceiling systems, interior wall finish, roof covering, flooring, windows and doors. Contact us today or visit our website to get more information.

Forkliftable offices

Our forkliftable offices can be easily moved to allow you to quickly make changes or rearrange your facility. We can promptly provide preassembled modular buildings that offer sound control, noise reduction and temperature control. For both interior and exterior buildings, we can offer an all steel frame model that is non-combustible. Our subfloor assemblies can be constructed of either wood or welded steel. The units can either be designed as freestanding or two and three wall systems that adjoin your existing walls. We can provide both one and two story modular systems. We often have a stock of many prebuilt, ready to ship units in 15 standard sizes.

Forkliftable offices expertise

We have been in business for over 33 years and we have developed a diverse product line to meet the various requirements of our customers. We can provide a variety of in-plant offices, office partitions, and mezzanine-supported elevated offices. We are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.

Forkliftable offices industries

We have experience providing prefabricated offices and other modular solutions for a wide variety of industries. Our structures offer the flexibility of fast and clean installation, easy dismantling and storage, and endless expansion or reconfigurations. Our products are useful for any company that seeks to be ready to adapt to rapid changes. Visit our website to see testimonials from our many satisfied customers as well as case studies of the unique solutions we have provided.

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